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Search and filter reports

All created reports can be found in the grid on the Reports tab and in this view, you can utilise various search and filtering options as well bulk actions to delete.

  1. Sort grid columns alphabetically or by time range by clicking on the title.
  2. Hide columns in the grid by clicking on the hamburger icon > name of the column.
  3. Search by keyword(s)
  4. Multiple choice e.g. name of the report, language or see who has created/modified report(s)
  5. Time range
  6. Global search recognises the tags added to the quarterly reports
    • tags are created through comments


Editing in bulk

To delete multiple reports or report templates in their respective tabs, select them in the grid, click Delete and confirm. This action cannot be undone so make sure you only delete redundant reports or templates.

If you have administrator user rights, you can delete any report or report template by other users.

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