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Create a quarterly report

You can create quarterly reports that show budgeted and actual values in a single report. With the visual report, you can easily spot the difference between your budgeted and actual finances, and add comments to the report using our Notes functionality.

How to create a quarterly report

  1. Reporting main view > +ADD > Add report 
  2. Select Quarterly report template, set the reporting period, change the default language if you want, and select the portfolio.
    • Property is optional. If you don't choose any, values are displayed for all properties in the portfolio.
  3. If you select Show year totals, you can see the cumulative values for the selected year.
  4. Author (you) is added automatically.
  5. Click Add to save your report.



After you have saved your report, it can be found from the grid in the Reports tab. You can still do the following:

  • Edit the name of your report, if needed, by clicking on the pencil icon.
  • Add comments or assign a task to the individual rows.
  • Publish it which means that no changes can be done.

How to publish a report

  1. Reporting main view > Reports tab > click on the report's name in the grid
  2. Click on the Publish button and confirm the action.

Report status changes from Draft to Published in the grid. It is no longer possible to edit it or add a comment.

Example of a report without comments


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