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Create a report

You can create reports to the following templates:

  • Assetti example template (default)
  • the ones you have created.

How to create a report

  1. Reporting main view > +ADD button > Add report
  2. Select Assetti example template, or a template created by you
    • If you use your own template, widget titles may differ from the examples below but the logic for editing is the same.
  3. Select the reporting period, language (if you want to change the default) and the name of the portfolio.
    • The author (you) is added automatically.
  4. Click on Add to generate the report on the template you have selected.





Before publishing, you can still edit following information:

  • add your own notes to Fund Manager's Summary and Fund Profit
    • click on the pencil icon to open the edit mode
    • use text formatting, upper and lower indexes, and add hyperlinks


  • rename the columns in the Fund profit table
    • click on the three dots to open the edit mode


  • add, edit or remove values in the Fund information
    • click on the pencil icon to open the edit mode


  • hide Property name and/or Type in the Investment table
    • click on the hamburger icon and then the title. Clicking the title again will revert it.


Saving the report

When your report is finished, click on the Publish button and confirm. Now your report is saved, its status has changed from Draft to Published and editing is no longer possible. You will find all the reports in the grid on the Reports tab.


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