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Create a report template

Report templates are needed to create reports in Assetti. In addition to the default templates (Assetti example template, Quarterly report template), you can create new ones.

Template includes various widgets by your choice - charts, graphs and text boxes. Upon creation you will see sample data so final values are displayed in the report.

Read more about Reporting widgets.

How to create a report template

  1. Reporting main view > +ADD button > Create new report template
  2. Give the name for the template > Create.
    • Naming convention is free.
  3. In the template creation page, you can add widgets by clicking the blue + icon.
  4. In the Add widget pop-up, you can add various charts, graphs and text boxes. Define
    • type (trend, pie chart, table, free text, gauge or fund information)
    • dataset: where the chart gets the information from. Options depend on the type you have chosen.
    • size, 1 = one square. Note that sizes affect how many widgets you can add to the view.
    • title
  5. Click create the save the widget.
  6. When you have added all the widgets, save the template.


Adding new widget


Saving the template


Examples of available widgets


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