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Commenting on the quarterly reports

Quarterly reports can only be commented prior publishing. You can add your own comment, or assign a task to the specific person or group for more details. Comments are added per row, e.g. Income, and you can choose if they are shown in the published report. Commenting is done with Notes functionality.

If you have administrator user rights, you are able to delete any comment created by other users.

How to add a comment to the quarterly report

  1. Reports tab > click on the report's name in the grid
    • Report status must be draft.
  2. Click on the blue + icon in the Notes column.
  3. In the Add note pop-up, you can do the following:
    • select if your comment is visible in the published report with Show description in published report checkbox.
    • add a title
    • add a description
    • assign a task to the user(s) or group
    • add tags (click enter after adding each tag)
    • upload attachments


Add note pop-up


After you have saved the comment, a red mark will appear next to the title on the row.


The beginning of a comment is shown in the Notes column. By clicking on the pencil icon, you can see whole text, and reply or delete it.



How to edit a comment

If you want to edit comment text, tags or attachments, or forward it, you need to open it via Inbox. Replying and deleting can be done in this view, too, but you cannot add a new comment.


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