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Assetti has two type of search tools - global search and tag search.

1. Global search

This tool is placed on the top of the page and available in all views of Assetti. It generates relevant results from all the data in your account which you have access to.

  • Use keywords, e.g. property type to find portfolios, properties, leases, contacts and units related.
  • You do not need to enter complete words, the global search can find results with characters of incomplete words.



2. Tag search

This is a part of the filter bar placed to the right of all the Assetti's views. It filters selective information related to search terms in each section.

  • Tag search is available for each separate tabs in the main menu: Properties, KPIs, Leases, Contacts, Units, Reporting and Loans.
    • Depending on your subscription plan, the tabs may differ in your account.
  • Tag search functions as a filter, so enter keywords e.g. city or property type to select only related items.
  • Tag search utilizes OR logic. Enter multiple keywords separately to expand your results.



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