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Adding financial information in the user interface

When you have only few values to add or edit, it can be done quickly in the UI.

Must have for adding financial information

  • An account map added in Assetti. Depending on your subscription, you can have 1-4 account maps.
  • Linkage between account map and properties
    • Username > Account maps > select the map > Link properties tab

How to add a value

  1. Properties > select a property > Financial info tab
  2. Click on the sheet you wish to edit - actual, (operating) budget or alternative budget.
  3. Click on the three dots next to the time selector > Add a value
  4. Fill in the pop-up
    • Year and month for the value, e.g. electricity or cleaning.
    • Linked Account Map
      • Select the correct account map in the dropdown menu.
      • If it's not in the menu, check the linkage between account map and property.
    • Account is the actual account the transaction belongs to, e.g. cleaning, outdoor maintenance, administration etc.
    • Account Value is the monetary value of the transaction entered in the corresponding currency.
      • Do not add costs as negative values as it will be calculated as income.
  5. Save.



Now you can see the value in the grid.


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