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Financial information at a portfolio level

Financial information tab

Portfolios have their own Financial info tab in Assetti, where all the property level financial data is gathered. If you have income or cost that you want to import at the portfolio level, you can use the import functionality.

Read more about portfolios in Assetti.

In order to utilize the financial info import, you must have an account map that is linked to the property.

Read more about account maps in Assetti.

How to import actual or budget

1. Before importing, check that you have the following information in your portfolio’s Info tab:

  • Cost center
  • Company ID


2. Information in the financial info tab is imported through the PnL import template. You can download an empty template by clicking on your user name in the top right corner and selecting Import.

3. From the list, select the PnL Template and download it by clicking the Link button.

4. After downloading the template, open it to add the following information:

  • Portfolio name
  • Portfolio cost center
  • Month
  • The name of the account map
  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Sum
  • Type (choose either actual or budget)

5. Save the template and import the file back into Assetti. Read more about our import functionality here.

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