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Creating an operating budget

A real estate financing plan is one of the most critical tools in planning large investments. By listing all the important details, you minimise the risk of unexpected expenses. Budgeting in Assetti compares disposable income with the costs incurred and the goal is to calculate the right amounts to avoid surprises in the financial year.

Properties > select a property > Financial info tab > +ADD > Budget


In the pop-up, add/define at least mandatory fields:

  1. Name of an operating budget must always be "budget", otherwise it won't work.
  2. Give first and last year
  3. Select the source of the values in "Copy base information from". They can be copied from previous actuals or budgets.
  4. Select the year of the base information or check the box if you wish to copy the last 12 months.
  5. If you choose to multiply values with the inflation, you have to set the inflation rate.


Additional information for the budget

  • Switch triggers on/off according to your needs (income/costs/loans/CAPEX).
  • Add notes (free text)

Save the budget by clicking on Create.


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