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Editing budget types

In Assetti, budget types mean budget names, e.g. Alternative budget, Comparison or Best case scenario. They are added in the user interface when the user creates budget templates.

Users with administration rights can edit budget types.

Username > Settings > Property > Financial info > Budget types

  • Click on the hamburger icon to add more languages.
  • Click on the ADD button and name the type in all languages used in your account.
    • You can have max 5 budgets in your account.
  • To hide a budget type, hover the mouse on the row and click on the pencil icon > tick the box when status changes from No to Yes. The value is no longer visible in the Financial info tab and you cannot create new budgets with that name.
  • To delete, select the type by ticking the box and clicking on the DELETE button.
    • Note that it deletes any budgets created under that name!

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