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Introduction to Budgeting functionality

Budgeting functionality allows you to create budgets on a property level directly from the user interface and monitor financials as a continuous process. Currently the values are not dynamic and won't change after you have created the budget.

Budgeting functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. Please contact your Assetti account manager or our Sales team for more information.


With the functionality, you can

  • have a time range from 1 to 10 years
  • have max 5 budgets (operating + alternatives) which can be used in all properties
  • compare alternatives to the actual budget and see changes displayed by color coding
  • add PnL, leases, loans and repairs to the budgets
  • review budgets on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • administration users only: add, edit and delete budget types in the Settings

Must have for budgeting

  • Professional or Enterprise subscription plan
  • existing financial information for the properties
  • leases using rent types in place
  • (loans)
  • (repairs)

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