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Settings allow you to adjust the default settings of your organisation in the Assetti environment. By updating the settings, you can change and add new values to existing Assetti categories, such as asset classes, property type, or contract type.

Changing the settings affects the entire operating environment of your organisation, so we recommend that you make the changes carefully. By default, the administrator is the only user able to edit these settings.

How to update the data fields

Username > Settings

  1. Data groups are divided into main categories, each of which contains a list of related data fields. The number of categories depends on the features of your subscription plan.
  2. To edit an existing value, click on the row of value, type and save.
  3. To add a value, click on the ADD button, type and save.
    • You can edit existing and add new values in 8 different languages (English, Finnish, Swedish, German, Dutch, French, Norwegian, and Danish) for localisation purposes. 
    • Not all available languages are visible by default, only those that are set as the primary language for at least one user in your environment.

Adding new data / Updating existing data


Adding another language


How to hide an old value of a data field

If you have a value that is no longer valid for your data, you can hide it from the data field options without affecting the existing database.

  1. Username > Settings > open the data field you wish to update, for example Property > Property type.
  2. Enable the checkbox under the Hide column.
  3. Click Save and you will see the status change from No to Yes.
  4. The hidden value is no longer available as an option when you add new data from the user interface, but it is still applied to existing records.


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