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Product update 09 2022

Access control of reporting and loans

Previously, for reporting, it was possible to define who can see the main view and if users could edit the reports or not. Now, after our enhancement, the access control is also portfolio or property based. In practice it means that if you create a report for a specific portfolio, only people who have access to all the properties in that portfolio will see the report. 

For loans we did the same, and added permission to control the whole functionality. The permission can be managed by the account administrator, and it can be found from Now in the account management. For default roles the permissions are set as follows:

  • Administrator: EDIT
  • Asset manager: READ
  • Property manager: NONE
  • Review: NONE
  • Service provider: NONE

To read more about how to change the permissions for the default roles of the account please read our support article:

Note that if you have any custom roles, you may need to edit the permission separately. The editing can be done by the account administrator, so if you don’t see the loans section but should, please contact your administrator or Assetti Support.

In loans the access control works based on the “subject of the loan” linking. Again if the loan's subject is a portfolio, all users who have access to all the properties in that portfolio can see the loan. If the subject of the loan is not set, the loan is shown for all the users based on permission.

To read more about how to manage the access rights of your users please check our support article:

PnL-export is now called “General ledger”

In addition to access control, we have enhanced our exports. Our old PnL-export is now called “general ledger”, and when exporting the data you can now define the datatype and time range for the export. Before the enhancement the export would hold all your financial information, which, in some cases, was a lot. Now after the change you can for example select to export only actuals or budget, and define the time range on month’s accuracy. As before, this export also functions as import, and can be found under the name “general ledger”. 

If you would like to export the general ledger for specific properties , you can select the properties using the right filter in the menu properties and then clicking the Export button. Read more in our support article:

New loans type “fixed instalment (based on total payment)

This new loan type shows you the loan maturity based on fixed total payment. In this new term you just define a total payment sum, including interest, and we calculate for you the end date for the loan. As previously, you can edit the interest rate when it changes, and calculation updates accordingly.

If you don’t have loans-functionality in use but you would like to try it out, please contact our Support. You can also read more about Loans from our support articles

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