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For admin: Managing the access rights of your users

As an administrator, you manage the access rights of all users in the account, including yourself. Access rights determine user's ability to access certain portfolios and properties. You may give and restrict access of your users individually via Account management function. 

How to change user's access rights

  1. Click your username in the upper right corner > Account management > Users tab.
  2. Select the user you wish to edit and click the pencil icon at the end of the row.
  3. Select Access Rights within the user's profile.
  4. To edit rights, click Quick select (All/None) or tick the box in front of the portfolio/property to grant access to specific properties only in the porfolio.
  5. All properties that don't belong to any portfolio are listed under the N/A-option.

Note that user's access right affects their ability to add data to Assetti.

For example: if user is trying to import data into a property to which s/he has no access, s/he will get an error message and import will fail.


Additional information

For admin: Change permissions of your users

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