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How to export selected information

Besides exporting all of your data directly from the export function in the user menu, you can export the selected data in each main view using the Export button in the top right corner of each main view. 

How to export selected data

  1. Choose Properties/KPIs/Leases/Contacts/Units view from left sidebar;
  2. Use the filter bar on the right to filter and outline the results;
  3. Click the Export icon from the top right corner of the view.
  4. The exported file will only include the filtered results and will begin to automatically download.

You can open the .xls file from your download folder.



User tips

  • Properties, Valuations, Income and costs, Operating expenses, and Leases data can be exported from the Properties view from left side menu;
  • Leases data can be exported from either the Leases or Units view;
  • Contact data can be exported from the Contacts view;
  • For more details on what export files are available in each view, see here.


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