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Filtering, exporting and reporting strategies


Assetti offers 4 defaults with which you can find the properties and portfolios using the same strategy classification:

  • Develop to keep
  • Develop to sell
  • Keep
  • Sell

Properties or My Portfolios main view > Strategy classification dropdown menu in the search bar


Users with administration rights can customise these options.

Username > Settings > Property > Strategy, Strategy classification


Exporting allows you to easily retrieve the data you have filtered from the user interface and see if any data is missing or should be updated. You can import new or updated data back to Assetti with the same template using Importing.

  1. Properties main view > filter by Strategy classification
  2. Click on the Export button > select what you want to export, e.g. Properties or OPEX
  3. You will find the spreadsheet in your computer's downloads.


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You can create reports for portfolios that are classified as funds. Strategy classification in reporting can be utilised as follows:

  1. Reporting main view > Add > Create a new report template
  2. Name the template > Create
  3. Add the widget of an investment strategy (pie chart) into the template.
  4. Create a report (out of the template).

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