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Why isn't my integration working?

There are several reasons that your integration may not be working as planned. 

  • Check that the path URL is correct and contains all the required symbols. The URL is case-sensitive and needs to be exact.
  • Ensure your data is in the correct format for the integration to pull it. 
  • Make sure the prerequisites for the integration have been completed. 
    • For example, make sure you have an account map in place before you run a financial integration. Make sure the accounts with the account map have sub-types. Click here for more information about account maps. 
  • If you are checking specific data, check the date range you are currently viewing in the app. Click here to read more about time selection in Assetti. 
  • For property or unit integrations, make sure you haven’t excluded certain cost centers. 
  • Check that the credentials for your integration are up to date and that you have the correct username and password. This includes the source application for your data. 
  • For PnL integrations ONLY, check the fact sheet that the source language is set to English. This does not include your Assetti user language and you can log into Assetti with any of our available languages. Read more about user languages here.
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