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Property strategy

In Assetti, property strategy consists of 3 elements.

  1. Strategy classification defines what type of investment is being made in the property and what the expectations are for the investments. The default values are
    • Keep
    • Sell
    • Develop to keep
    • Develop to sell
  2. Asset classification defines the risks and return of the real estate investment. Terms are used ranging from conservative to aggressive depending on the physical attributes of the property and the amount of debt used to capitalise a project. The default values are
    • Core
    • Core+
    • Value-add
    • Opportunistic
  3. Solvency rating refers to the long-term ability of a company to meet its property financial obligations, such as repaying debts.


Editing property strategy

In the Settings, you can add, edit, hide, or delete options if you have administrator user rights in Assetti. Note that changing the settings affects the entire environment and all its users.

Username > Settings > Property > Strategy

Accessing property strategy

Access to the property strategy is limited by the user role which can be modified by users with administrator permissions. User roles can have edit, read or none permissions to the strategy.

Username > Account management > Roles tab


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