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Subscription Plans

Assetti is made to be flexible and useful for a wide variety of users. To help serve you better, we offer several different subscription plans for Assetti. For more details on the plans and pricing, please visit our pricing page.


PRIVATE: Our private plan is the best for real estate specialists who operate smaller property portfolios. All our basic features are available, including: 

  • A maximum of 25 properties
  • A maximum of 100 leases
  • Units
  • Contacts
  • Repairs

You can record and update your basic financial data with our income and costs statements and can access the KPIs for your properties and leases. As with all our plans, you have access to our open RESTful API; create the token in Assetti and then visit to enter the token into the interface. Read more about API tokens here.


STANDARD: Our standard plan is the best for a modest team of real-estate experts who manage developing portfolios and investments across several regions. All the features in the private plan are included in the standard plan, plus:

  • A maximum of 100 properties
  • A maximum of 250 leases
  • Units, contacts, and repairs
  • File management, including photos and attachments

You can import one chart of accounts and your PnL account data. You are also able to manage your portfolios at that level and get KPIs for properties, portfolios, leases, units, tenants, and OPEX. 


PROFESSIONAL: The professional plan is by far our most popular plan. It is made for a comprehensive organization managing international portfolios that requires detailed economic reporting. Users get the features in both the standard and private plans, plus:

  • Unlimited properties and leases
  • Units, contacts, and repairs
  • File management, including photos and attachments
  • Unit and property maps
  • Our new fund reporting feature

You can import up to four charts of accounts, along with detailed actuals and budgets per portfolio and property. You can view KPIs for properties, portfolios, leases, units, tenants, OPEX, repairs, or purchase a custom KPI. 

There are so many more features that you can purchase and add to your subscription. For more information, please contact us and we are happy to explain all the options Assetti has for you. 

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