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Integrate with Assetti's RESTful API

Assetti supports process optimization and automation through integration with many systems. We have published  a RESTful API allowing customers and third parties to develop an automation process with Assetti, using their own resources. 

Assetti's RESTful API documentation:

To be able to use our API, a token is required. The API token can be generated in Assetti for all our users with following steps:

  1. As an administrator, open your user menu from your username in the top right corner,
  2. Select API management from the dropdown menu,
  3. Click Add button on top right corner in API management view,
  4. Click on the Pencil icon for token table to edit information,
  5. Add Name and Description of your integration, 
  6. Click Save, you will see the API token is automatically generated. Notice: you can generate multiple tokens to use for different purposes,
  7. Open Assetti API link, click on Authorise button on top control bar of the page,
  8. Copy the generated token from Assetti and paste it as api_key to authorisation pop-up in Assetti API,
  9. Click Authorise button to complete.



After authorisation you can start explore our API. We provide the API in almost 40 languages including Java, PHP, Android, Obj-C, etc. If you wish to receive any particular library of Assetti API, please contact our support team.

Below you will find a full working example code using our RESTful API to create a new property with basic background information: 

// add your preferred language among options[EN, FI, FR, DE, SV, NL, NO, DA] 
= EN;

// main background data of the property
"name": "Apartment Helsinki",
"businessId": "1234567-8",
"commercialName": "Center Apartment Helsinki",
"costCenterId": "1001",
"description": "Residential building located in ...",
"propertyTypeSetting": "Apartment building",
"propertyLegalFormSetting": "Limited company",
"propertyAssetTypeSetting": "Gross rent",
"propertyAssetClassSetting": "Apartment", 

// main contact of the property
"mainContact": {
"uuid": "DAB2F2B3-EE40-45CB-8E01-1AC562179851",
"email": "",
"firstName": "Matti",
"lastName": "Jones",
"phone": "0400123456",
"title": "Tenant",

// location of the property
"address": {
"streetAddress": "Sankaritie 5",
"city": "Helsinki",
"country": "Finland",
"postCode": "00123",



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