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Why my yield is wrong?


Formula: division of property NOI by market value

If the yield percentage is missing or you think it is wrong, check the following four things.

1. Make sure you have a net operating income (NOI) and at least one of the following values: 

  • acquisition price
  • market value
  • exit value

Property > Info tab > Commercial information

Property > Info tab > Asset valuation



2. Time selection

  • The default view is Last 12 months so make sure that it is set to the correct time for the values you have entered.
  • An example: The property has NOI data for the current year and the values are dated for the current year > it is not possible to calculate the yield for the previous year.

Property > Info tab > Key facts

Property > Info tab > Commercial information


3. You have chosen a book value instead of a market value.

  • The default setting is to have the market value, but you can select or deselect if you want to have the system pull the book value or market value for the yield calculation.
  • Save the changes made.

User menu → Settings → Property → Book value as market value


4. The data in the Commercial Information is correct and they do not mismatch with the Financial information.

  • If you have the Financial information tab in use, do not add the data in the Commercial Information section!

Property Info tab →  Commercial Information

Property → Financial information tab

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