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Descriptive Import Templates

To bring in a mass of data at once, we recommend using our import function. We have created templates that make the import as simple as possible.

Templates and content descriptions

  • Account Map Template: to import account and account group mapping of financial data, this is used to support importing PnL data. Data field examples are:  Account code, Account description, Type, Sub-type, etc.
  • Book Values Template: to import account-based level book value of the property. Data field examples are:  Property cost centre, Building cost centre, Plot cost centre, Account code, etc.
  • Contact Template: to import contact information including private and organisation contact details. Data field examples are:  Tenant, Business Id, Contact, Company email, etc.
  • Deposits Template: to import deposits made for leases by tenants. Data field examples are: deposit status, deposit type, tenant, lease ID etc. 
  • Financial Information: to import financial information for the tab for each property. Data fields examples are: month, account map, account type etc.
  • Income and Costs Template: to import monthly total income and operating expense of the property. Data field examples are:  Property name, Income, Costs, etc.
  • Invoicing Template: to import invoices for your property (available only in Finland and Norway) Data field examples are: invoice type, reference number etc. 
  • Lease Template: to import lease and unit data. Data field examples are:  Contract Id, Lease terms, Rent, Lease start date, etc. *The option to import is called "rent roll" in Assetti
  • OPEX Template: to import property's monthly operating expenses by categories. Data field examples are:  Administration, Cleaning, Heating, Land rent, etc.
  • Payment Template: to import payments made towards invoices. Data field examples are: payment no., invoice, payment etc.
  • General Ledger Template: to import property's monthly financial data by account codes specified in the account map. Data field examples are:  Account map, Account code, Month, Value, etc.
    • Note: General ledger import data is also used for Income and Costs, OPEX information, and Financial Information in Assetti, these values are calculated based on mapping in the account map. 
  • Property Template: to import property, plot, and building data. Data field examples are:  Property name, Address, Plot size, Building total area, etc.
  • Property Values Template: to import property values extracted from other sources, several types of value can be added using the import. Data field examples are:  Acquisition price, Market value, Contribution value, etc.
  • Rent Types Template: to create sub-rent types for Assetti existing 5 rent types (Rent, Service charges, Utility charges, Custom rent, Other rent). Data field examples are: Rent code, Rent description, Rent type.
  • Rents by Rent types: to import the rents by the rent type (from the rent type template: Rent, Service charges, Utility charges, Custom rent, Other rent.) Data field examples are: rent excluding VAT, rent including VAT, lease ID etc.
  • Repairs Template: to import repair plans for properties. Data field examples are: Repair ID, Status, Classification, Cost etc.
  • Unit Template: to import unit data. Data field examples are: Unit Id, Type, Area, Floor, etc.
  • Utility Template: to import utility charges. Data field examples are: sum, rent type, utility start date etc. 

Below are the templates with descriptions for each column. Red columns are mandatory and green are strongly recommended. You can choose to download each individually or the zipped file with all the templates. Please note that all the templates may not apply to your account type. Please ask support if you have any questions about these templates. 

You can download completely blank templates from the import function in Assetti. Click on your user menu and select Import

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