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Where is the financial information for an asset?

By importing your asset’s financial data into Assetti, you will get the most out of your subscription. Depending on your licensing plan, property-specific financials can be updated accurately at the account level, directly from accounting, (NOI1, NOI2, NOI3 levels) or as whole numbers at NOI1 level without an account map. In addition, it is possible to import financial information at only the asset level in Assetti. For information regarding importing your financial info at the portfolio level, please check out our article here.


To update your financial information, use the PnL import function to bring the data into the system. We do offer an income and cost import but this will not appear in the financial info. Instead, you can find this data under the “Commercial information” in the ‘Info’ of your property. When you import data using the PnL import, that data will appear under your financial information as either a budget or actual. That same data is also displayed in your property’s info page, factoring into the OPEX section and the calculations for the yield. 

An account-level view can be found on the Financials tab of both the property and the portfolio. In this tab, you can view detailed NOI1, NOI2, and NOI3. The financial information tab is available for Professional and Enterprise subscription types. In addition to the actual results, you can also import budgets. This allows you to create custom budgets and scenarios in Assetti. The financial information in that tab is used to calculate the figures you see on the info page of your property and in the yield. From the financial information tab, the data received goes directly into the asset’s management sections.

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