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How to control rent rolls with lease notifications

Assetti has multiple features to help you be ware of your lease's status, leases have colour-coded stamps according to the status and you also receive alerts about leases which are soon expired. 

1. Colour-coded stamps for lease status: 

Special status of a lease is expressed in colour-coded stamps, placed on upper right side of the lease row in LEASE main view. Following are meanings of these stamps: 

  •  is a lease which has been drafted through the manual lease creating process, however is still missing crucial information.
  •  is a pending lease which has not yet started.
  •  is a lease which has ended.
  • No stamp: is an on-going lease which does not have any special status. 

2. Expiring lease alerts:

Assetti includes multiple alerts to remind you of your expiring leases, the notifications are based on lease ending date: 

  • Main view warning: you get a warning sign on top of the page, in LEASE view about expiring leases. The sign shows number of leases expiring in 3 months. You can view these leases by clicking on "Show leases" text in the warning.
  • Factsheet warning: when view factsheet of a lease which will expire in 3 months, you receive another warning on top of the page displaying the lease's expiring period (e.g. 1 month). In the  lease information, a lease's end date is also highlighted if it will end within 3 months. 
  • Notification button: on the top right corner, next to your username, gives notification when a lease will end in 3 months. You could open the notification too see the Lease Id, and use tag search or global search to find this specific lease. 
  • Filter bar: with filter in LEASES view you can filter the leases which will expire in 6, 12, or 24 months. 

You can change the expiring lease notification default setting from three months before ending date to other time period through the "Settings" functions in user menu. Learn how to change settings and see example of changing lease notice period. 

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