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Edit and remove units

How to edit a unit

  1. Click on the Pencil icon to open an editable field. The icon is placed on the upper right corner of the fields.
  2. The field shows text boxes and drop down menus where you can edit information.
  3. Click Save to complete or Cancel to exit without changing.

You can also update multiple units through our import/export function.

How to delete a unit

If a unit is created by mistake, you can erase it from your account.

DO NOT delete units which are under renovation or are being merged or resized. Simply update its active information from the unit's information tab. Learn more in the following section. 

  1. Open a unit fact sheet by clicking the name of the unit in UNITS view.
  2. Click the Delete icon on the upper right corner and click Yes to confirm.

Read more about deleting an item.

How to remove a unit

A unit which is demolished, merged or resized can be removed from the property.

  1. Open a unit fact sheet by clicking the name of the unit in UNITS view.
  2. In Info tab, click Pencil icon from the top right corner of Active information field to edit.
  3. Input Removed date as the day after which your unit is no-longer lettable
  4. Save.
  5. In case new unit(s) is created from the demolished one, add the new unit(s) to Assetti once it is ready to be leased. Follow instructions to add a new unit, and remember to add Created date in the Active information field as the first day that your new unit is lettable. 

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