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Add VAT to a lease

You can add multiple lease periods per lease agreement, and VAT rate can be added separately for each period. Use data import to add or update VAT in multiple leases.

Remember that rent inputted in Assetti does not include VAT. The VAT rate is used to calculate the rent with VAT automatically. 

How to add VAT using data import

  1. Click your username in the upper right corner, and select Import.
  2. Download Lease template.
  3. Input the rate under VAT% column for each respective lease period. See more information on creating lease agreements.
  4. Save the completed template and upload it to Assetti by clicking your username > Export > Start new import > Leases.
  5. See more information on completing the data import.

How to add VAT through user interface

  1. Select Leases on the left and open the agreement you wish to update.
  2. In the Contract tab, click on the pencil icon of the Lease information field to edit.
  3. Click the Edit rents button to open the view where you can edit rent, VAT, lease period, and leased unit.
  4. Select the lease period you wish to edit by clicking on the period's data row.
  5. In the editing table, add the wanted rate to VAT level field and save.
  6. Use the X button on the top right to go back to the lease fact sheet where you can see the VAT is now applied.

View this instruction with images

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