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How to maintain property strategies

The Strategy tab can be utilised to have a good visualisation about the future plans for the property and how the asset should be handled by the asset managers. It can gather extra information with pros and cons about the investment.

Properties > (select a property) > Strategy tab > click on the pencil icon

  1. Description, free text field
  2. Summary
    • Strategy classification, dropdown menu
    • Star rating, click/unclick to add or remove stars
    • Asset classification, dropdown menu
    • Solvency rating, dropdown menu
    • Yield requirement allows you to add, edit or delete percentages.
    • Exit strategy, free text field related to the sales plan for the asset.


You can add multiple free text fields to the view to form a visual whole of the property's strategy. In all text fields, you can utilise formatting and add hyperlinks.

  • Strengths, green +
  • Weaknesses, red -
  • Opportunities, yellow +
  • Threats, yellow -
  • Action points, leasability and saleability are displayed in black and have no separate mark.


  1. Click on the pencil icon to add or edit a text field. With the Add button you can add more text fields.
  2. Click on the X to delete the content of a text field.
  3. Click on the arrow to hide/unhide the content of a text field.





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