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Loan allocation

When a property is used as a subject of the loan, it is possible to visualise the loan allocation in the Asset valuation section. It always shows the most recent equity (remaining amount of the loan to be paid, excluding the margin and interest).

When a property has multiple loans, the value shows the remaining loan amount to be paid.

Properties > (select a property) > Info tab, Asset valuation

Loans functionality

If you use the functionality, maintain the data in the Loans and use the asset valuation for viewing purposes only.

If you don't use the functionality, you can edit your loan allocation as follows:

  • Asset valuation > click on the pencil icon > add/edit/delete

Loans functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. Please contact your Assetti contact person or Sales team for more information.

Loan allocation in the Asset valuation


Must have for loan allocation

  • Subscription type of Professional or Enterprise, and the Loans functionality is enabled by Assetti
  • Buildings of the property have area information
    • Property > Buildings tab > (select a building) > Info tab, Measurements
  • Loans have following information:
    • Loan sum
    • Subject(s) of the loan
    • Balance, if loan is not new
    • Loan type
    • Repayment schedule in months
    • Loan start date
    • Loan end date
    • Interest rate
    • Final payment (residual value), if applicable

Loans main view > Loans grid

Loan > Terms tab

The loan allocation changes according to the amortizations of the loan.

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