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Amortization of a loan

From the Amortizations tab, you can review the payment plan of the loan and see the repayment schedule.





Monthly payment

Shows the monthly amount to be paid for the loan

Interest rate

Shows the current interest rate for the loan 

Total loan

Shows the full value of the loan

Loan maturity

Shows the duration of the loan


Shows the company that has taken out the loan; it can be a parent company or a housing/property company. 

Contact Person

Shows the contact person (of a company) for the loan


Balance table

You can verify when the loan was obtained, starting balance, installments, interest and the remaining balance. Assetti shows the current fiscal year by default but you can change the period to see the amortizations for selected year.


Content of the balance table




Shows the payment date

Principal payment

Shows the amortization payment value


Shows the amount paid in interest

Total payment

Shows the the principal payment plus the interest value

Interest %

Shows the current interest for the period


Shows the previous balance minus the principal payment


From the balance chart you can check the amortization payments and the forecast of the loan repayment. By hovering the mouse over the chart, you can see the exact value for a particular repayment date. You can also download a PDF document or print the graph by clicking on the hamburger icon at the corner and selecting one of the options. 


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