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Property KPIs - trend view

The trend view visualizes the data in different graphs, allowing you to select the content to display. You can print each chart, or download them as a PDF document or images.



In the chart below you find the information for the property metrics, how the values are calculated, and where the data is from. The Data Source column helps to check and correct any incorrect or missing values. You can also check the table view for missing information.

Descriptions and calculations refer to the properties selected and the result depends on the time selection (e.g. year 2020: NOI is from Jan - Dec 2020 and valuations are taken from 2020 or before).

Property value Shows the sum of market values, acquisition price, yield and NOI of the properties ∑ property's assets market value = property market value

∑ property's assets acquisition price = property acquisition price

property's incomes - property's costs = NOI

(NOI * 12) / market value * 100 = yield
Properties > (choose a property) > Info, Asset valuation

Properties > (choose a property) > Financial info, NOI

GRI + Vacancy The fluctuation of vacancy (%) and its share of the GRI from the vacancy amount vacant unit area / property GLA) * 100 = property vacancy rate (%)

∑ properties assets GRI = property GRI

( ∑ units monthly rent / ∑ units rented surface area) * property vacant area = property Vacancy (Amount)
Vacant areas: Properties > (choose a property) > Info, Rent roll

GLA: Properties > (choose a property) > Buildings > (choose a building), Measurements
Total return Measures the annual return rate and capital gain. Change in value indicates the increase or decrease of market value, yield indicates the return on investment. new market value - old market value = property capital gain

property yield + property capital gain = property total return (%)
Properties > (choose a property) > Info, Asset valuation

Properties > (choose a property) > Financial info, NOI
Cash Flow A graph comparing costs, GRI and NOI ∑ gross rents = property GRI

gross operating income - operating expenses = NOI mo

∑ monthly expenses = costs mo
Properties > (choose a property) > Info, Commercial Information

Monthly costs and NOI:
Properties > (choose a property) > Financial Info, Actual

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