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Using the metric and imperial measurement systems

You can choose to use either the metric or imperial measurement system so that original measurements can be inputted. The measurement system is defined by each user, so it is possible to use both the metric and the imperial systems within one account. If you select both measurements in the settings,  you can see both values.

You can easily select which system to use by clicking on your user details and clicking the pencil icon next to user details headline.

To set have both systems visible,  first select the user menu, then settings. Next, select “measurement system” and tick the “both systems visible” box.


When both systems are visible, Assetti will use the system specified in your user menu as the default. The other system will be displayed in red colour next to the default system.


Importing and exporting with different measurement systems:

The exporting function does recognise the measurement system you are using, so the values that are exported in the system are whichever you have selected in your user details.

All of Assetti’s import sheets can be used in either measurement system. When your file is ready to be imported, select “import” from the user menu. In this view, you can define which measurement system you are using in your file by selecting the correct option from the dropdown menu just below the “start new import” button.

Defining the measurement system for an individual user
As an administrator, you can change the settings for your users from account management.
1. Open the user menu and select ‘account management.’

  1. Select the user by clicking the pen icon on the right side of the user table.
  2. Open the user details by clicking the pencil icon and selecting the measurement system from the dropdown menu.
  3. Remember to save

This same system can be used to define the measurement system when adding a new user.



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