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For admin: Adding and editing users

Account management helps you manage the people in your account. As an admin, you can invite others to use Assetti by adding users and managing their user rights or permissions.

By inviting others, your team can maintain data while, simultaneously, external parties can easily review and add their insights with the stakeholder subscriptions.

Account management

  1. Open the user menu and select Account management.
  2. On the Info tab, you maintain the information related to the organization and billing.
  3. On the Users tab, you can review the users and subscriptions.
  4. On the Roles tab, you can review the users roles and edit them.

Subscription types

Subscription types are subject to the license agreement. Assetti reserves the right to verify the subscription types and invoicing based on them.

  • Professional = users who are working in your customer organisation, its parent company or affiliate.
  • Stakeholder = users whose organisation is different from the account holder's organisation. 


Assetti has five default roles. An administrator can assign these default roles to the user or define their own roles. View how to edit the permissions of user roles.

  1. Administrator
  2. Asset Manager
  3. Property manager
  4. Review
  5. Service provider

How to invite new users

  1. Open the user menu and select Account management > User tab.
  2. Click the ADD button in the upper right corner and fill in the following information:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Organisation
      • Auto-selects based on the user's email.
    • Subscription type
      • Auto-selects based on the user's email.
    • Role
    • Language
    • Currency
  3. Click CONTINUE and choose if you want to
    • send an authentication email to the user right away OR
    • save the new user(s) and send the credentials later with bulk actions.

Bulk actions

You can manage the users individually or select multiple users through the bulk actions.

  1. Send an authentication email
    • Admin can send an invitation email to all added users.
  2. Reset password
    • Admin can send a reset password link to all users, for example during a regular password update to comply with security policies.
  3. Revoke access
    • Admin can revoke the user's access for the time being.
    • It does not remove the subscription from the user profile or user from the application.
  4. Archive user
    • Admin can archive users, removing the subscription but keeping their information in the application.
  5. Delete user
    • Admin can remove the user permanently from the application.



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