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Manage the valuations through exports and imports


You can import the information via the Property values template and Book values template.


Exports and Reports

There are several exports and reports you can use to get the information out of Assetti. 

  • Market values report - will export a similar file what property values template is and includes all valuations. 
  • Export Book values
    • All book values - shows the most recent book values per asset
    • Most recent book values shows the most recent valuations, grouped by property (not asset)
    • Most recent book values (account breakdown), account breakdown = individual columns per account
  • Valuation breakdown
    • Most recent - the export will include all the valuations of the latest date
    • Summary per property - user can define time range, and export will include all the valuations given during that time range.
  • Valuation report
    • User can select the types of valuation they would like and select the time range.
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