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Update valuations through the interface

You can update the valuations through the user interface. You can have only one valuation per type, per date in the system and they are automatically sorted by date. You can also delete the values in bulk. 

How to add values to a property

  1. Select the property you would like to update and go to the info sheet.
  2. For property valuations, scroll down to asset valuation and select the edit pencil
  3. Click the add button
  4. From the drop-down menu under ‘type’, select the valuation type. 
  5. Add the monetary value in 'value' in your desired currency. 
  6. If you would like to add the name of the contact for this valuation, select their name from the drop-down menu ‘valuator’. They need to be a contact in the system.
  7. You can alter the date on the left-hand side under ‘date’. 
  8. Save

You can also add a note to the valuation by clicking on the blue plus button on the right-hand side. 

How to add a book value

Go to the Book values tab where you can add new valuations by adding rows to the grid. You should add the following information (marked with * are mandatory): 

  • Date *
  • Type * 
  • Value *
  • Asset *
  • Account * (from the account map. The type of account must be book value, the account map needs to be the default, and it must be linked to that property)
  • Valuator (either organization or a private individual in contacts)
  • Comment (note)

You can check these steps in the video below (only available in English). 


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