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Learn how profitable is your tenant with Assetti

Assetti has developed Tenant Profitability feature to give better understanding of tenant relationship and rental income. This feature provides metrics that help reporting and tracking profitability of your tenants at property, unit and lease level. Notice: this feature is only available at customer request, please contact our sales at if you wish to activate this feature. 

Metrics Assetti measures on tenant profitability


Actual (monthly/m2)

Target  (monthly/m2)

Differences (%)

Rental level

Measured based on lease rent, GLA

Measured based on Required Yield, Market value, GLA

Actual compares to target

Service charges

Measured based on lease service charges, GLA

Measured based on property OPEX, GLA

Actual compares to target

Utility charges

Measured based on lease utility charges, GLA

Measured based on unit utility charge level

Actual compares to target

Tenant alteration pay back

Value available for lease. Measured based on Tenant alteration cost, Property required Yield, Lease rental income, Property GLA, leased area, and property OPEX


To review your tenant profitability

[For properties]

  1. From property main view, open factsheet of the property you wish to review;
  2. In Info tab, tenant profitability metrics are included under Rent Roll section;
  3. Change time parameter of the section (3 options: Last 12 months, Year to date, Previous year) to adjust the metric's timeline.

[For lease/unit]

  1. From lease/unit main view, open factsheet of the lease/unit you wish to review;
  2. In Contract/Info tab, click on Show details button under Summary section;
  3. Similar metrics are displayed per lease/unit and only reflect real time situation



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