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Tracking payment of your invoices

Assetti's Invoice and Payment feature were created to help you monitor and manage your rent rolls directly through Assetti. After invoices have been created, you can record payment of each invoice and status of your invoices will be updated accordingly. Notice: invoice and payment features are only available at request. Please contact our support if you would like to activate these features for your environment. 

Invoice status:

There are 7 type of status for your invoices, which could be set manually. 

  • Credit loss
  • Open
  • Paid
  • Overdue
  • Rejected
  • Reminded
  • Unsent

Invoice status is updated automatically from  Open to Paid when a payment is added. However if the paid amount is less than invoiced amount, invoice status remains as Open. If no payment is added by the due date, Open status is changed to Overdue. 

To add payment for any invoice:

  1. Open Invoicing view;
  2. Select Payments under the Invoicing main title;
  3. Click Add button to create a new payment;
  4. In the payment editor, filling in given data fields. Fill in at least the mandatory fields:
  • Payment no: a unique ID for the payment
  • Invoice no: select the designated invoice among your existing invoices from dropdown list. Note: you need to first add an invoice before you can add its payment in Assetti.
  • Payment date: date when the payment was received
  • Sum: payment amount

Click Save to create the payment.

5. Review updated status of your invoice from Invoices view.

To add payment for a lease's invoice:

  1. Open Lease view, select the lease which you want to modify;
  2. Select Invoices tab and go to Payments;
  3. Use Add button to create new payment;
  4. In the payment editor, fill in at least mandatory fields same as previous instruction. Save to create;
  5. Review updated status of your invoice from Invoice tab.


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