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How do I update my user information?

Every user can update their own user information like language, profile photo, notifications and password.

  1. Username > User details
  2. Info tab
    • Click on the pencil icon next to the User details section to change your currency, language or measurement system.
    • Subscription information displays only the subscription type and its validity.
    • Activity is visible only for administrators.
  3. Access rights show in which portfolios and properties you have an access. Permissions determine if you are able to edit, read or have no permission. Only administrator can edit them.
  4. Notifications
    • You can choose which calendar events can send you notifications.
    • If the tab is not visible, it means that calendar events are not allowed in your Assetti environment. Please contact your administration user.
  5. Photo
    • You can upload your profile photo.
  6. Click on the gear icon to reset your password.




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