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Change the status of a sold property

You can mark a property as sold while keeping the historical financial data in Assetti. Marking a property as sold subsequently changes the status of the property, its units, and leases. The status change is also reflected in your KPIs. 

How to mark a property as sold

  1. Open PROPERTIES view, and select the property you want to mark as sold.
  2. In the property fact sheet, click Sell icon  on top right corner;
  3. Select exit date and input exit value;
  4. Save.



What happens when you mark a property as sold:

  • Property: all sold properties are labelled with SOLD in red. This status is found in the property main view, property fact sheet, and KPI property table view. 
  • Unit: units that belong to the sold properties also receive sold status. They are labelled SOLD in red and the status  is found in the unit main view and unit fact sheet.
  • Lease: status of leases belonging to a sold property are updated to finished and these leases have a red Finished label in the lease main view. 
  • KPI: after the transaction period, the sold property will no longer be included in metrics of your portfolio. However, all historical data prior to its exit date will not be disrupted. 

Keep in mind: All sold properties, sold units, and finished leases are automatically filtered out by default in the main views. You can change filter options  in each view if you wish to see them. 

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