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Assetti's main views


Assetti_s_Main_View_1-5_eng.png1. Main menu: You can navigate between categories with the main menu located on the left. Here it's easy to switch from properties to leases, contacts, units, or your KPIs.

2. Global search: By entering a key word into the global search bar on top of the page, you can find all related results from your database. The system will even recognize what you are typing and can offer custom suggestions, relevant to your account.

3. Recent activity: You can track your most recent inputs and activities from the Recent activity tab. This is a good way to 'go back' in the system, instead of relying on your browser's back button.

4. Sorting options: You can sort your items by name, size, and other relevant values from Sort by tab under the main title.

5. Time options: You can choose to view different time-based values of your data (previous year, last 12 months, year to date) from the Show option next to the 'Sort by' option.


6. Inbox: You can view all the notes and tasks assigned to you or concerning your assets here.

7. Notification: Here you can get notifications of important events such as changes in your data, upcoming expiring leases, and notes/messages from your colleagues.

8. User menu: You can update and manage your account information and user rights here. You will also find other features such as import, export, backup or change settings of your data.

9. View options: You can change the way your properties are displayed - tile mode, list panel, map view, or tree structure with portfolio structure.

10. Data quick add/export: You can quickly add or export data to/from your current view with the '+Add/Export buttons' in the upper right corner under your Username.  

11. Filter and Tag search: The filter bar placed on the right allows you to filter the items you want by predefined categories, or use tag search to see only relevant data, such as by property name or location.

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