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Currency support

Assetti supports 20 different currencies including:

  • Australian Dollar ($)
  • Bulgarian Lev (лв)
  • Canadian Dollar ($)
  • Swiss Frank (CHF)
  • Chinese Yuan Renminbi (¥)
  • Czech Koruna (‎Kč)
  • Danish Krone (kr)
  • Euro (€)
  • British Pound (£)
  • Hong Kong Dollar ($)
  • Croatian Kuna (kn)
  • Hungarian Foriint (Ft)
  • Norwegian Krone (kr)
  • Polish Zloty (zł)
  • Qatari Riyal (ر.ق)
  • Romanian Leu (lei)
  • Saudi Arabia Riyal (ر.س)
  • Swedish Krona (kr)
  • US Dollar ($)
  • South African Rand (R)

Assetti currency exchange rates are generated daily from European Central Bank. Historical exchange rates are used to convert metrics in Assetti. 

1. Changing your preferred/displayed currency

In addition to the language selection, you can change the currency displayed in Assetti from the User menu in the upper right corner of the screen

2. Checking converted currencies

If you enter a monetary value in one currency and then switch to another, Assetti provides warnings and indicators to highlight converted currencies, in all views.

  1.  Double arrows icon is placed in front of the converted currency
  2. Orange line is placed in front of the row for converted currencies
    A Warning will appear at the top of the page whenever converted currencies are displayed on the view.

3. Viewing currency exchange rates

To maintain the transparency of your data, Assetti provides access to historical conversion rates. They can be viewed by:

  • Go to the User menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select Currency rates from drop down menu; OR
  • Go to the KPIs view, and if your data includes a converted currency, you will find a direct link to currency the conversion page in the warning symbol at the top of the view. 

See example

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