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Combining data from existing data sources

While preparing data for Assetti, it's good to review your existing data and data sources first. This will help you to get a big picture of your key property data and to decide what data you want to get into Assetti.

Often, your property data can be scattered across various sources such as:

  • Property and accounting software
  • Other documents (digitalized and un-digitalized)
  • Your own "unwritten knowledge."

Review your existing data

  1. Learn what type of data you need for Assetti and verify where to get it.
  2. Review data in your existing data sources to check if it's up-to-date.
  3. Compare data from different data sources to verify its validity.
  4. Check the availability of critical data for data aggregation from existing data sources (Assetti Data Essentials).
  5. Decide how much and from what time period you want to import data.

After reviewing your existing data, you will have a better idea where to start importing data into Assetti.


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