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Tenant Classifications

Assetti divides your tenants into two main groups:

  • Private individual: each Private individual-type tenant is considered as a contact itself; and
  • Organisation: multiple individual's contacts  can be added as references for one Organisation-type tenant.

All contact information of these two groups are classified as Contacts in Assetti. The tenant classification is permanent, you cannot change the type after the contact has been created.

To view your contacts:

  1. Select Contacts view from the left side menu,
  2. Click on a contact's row to view its factsheet,
  3. Navigate between sub-tab using the navigation bar under the page title, the sub-pages change depending on the type of contact you select. For more details, see article on How to distinguish your contacts.
  4. The Contacts view includes several specific features you can utilise:
    • Sort: you can sort your contacts by Name, Rental income, and Rental area.
    • Filter and tag search: you can use tag search, filters (by contact type) and slider (of Leased area, Monthly Rent, and Number of leases) from right side of the screen to filter your contacts

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