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How to add data to Assetti

There are three ways you can get your data into Assetti: imports, adding manually, and through integration. 

1. Data import functionality

Assetti offers the option to import a lot of data at once through outside data sources. The easiest way to do it is with Assetti import templates and import functionality. You can find them in Assetti by clicking your User name and then Import.

If you use your own files to import data, we support the following file formats: JSON, XML, CSV, XLS and XLSX.

In order to map the data fields correctly, and to avoid duplication and errors, it is recommended that you prepare and define the data accurately before creating an import file.

Prepare your data for import with following steps:

  1. Learn how data is organized within Assetti.
  2. Review your existing property asset data.
  3. Learn more about Assetti Data Essentials.

The import functionality can also be used to help you update your data, making it quick and easy to edit a large amount of data at once. To learn more about importing in Assetti, click here


2. Adding manually

In addition to importing, you can manually add data to Assetti directly in the app. A single Property, Portfolio, Lease, Unit or Contact can be added by using +ADD function usually located in the top right corner of the screen

Learn more about adding each item manually from Property, Portfolio, Lease, Unit, and Contact sections.


3. Integration using REST API

Integration with your legacy systems is the easiest way to transfer data to/from Assetti. Your own developers and partners can integrate other softwares with Assetti using our open API. To learn about our open API, please click here. For other integrations, please contact our Sales team or your account manager to learn more.


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