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Link a unit to a tenant

When there is a new tenant for a unit, you can link him/her to the unit by following these steps: 

  1. Open the Contacts view from the left bar menu.
    • If the tenant hasn’t been added to your environment, click the +ADD button in the upper right corner, and follow instructions on how to add new contact to continue.
    • If the tenant exists in your environment, open their profile.
  2. From the tenant’s profile, select the Leases tab in the navigation bar under the main title.
  3. Click Add new button on the right, you will be redirected to the lease creating process.
  4. From the Add lease agreement pop-up, add the lease agreement information, including with the Lease Id, Property of the unit, and Lease start date. Save the lease.
  5. The lease is now created and will be considered a PRE-LEASE until you add rent. You can add rent by going to the Periods tab and clicking "Add new".
  6. From Select units for lease view, link the unit(s) to your lease by clicking Link button, and then save.
  7. The rent box will then appear. Fill in the rent and press save.
  8. Continue completing lease information by following the Adding a lease instructions.








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