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Different sections of the KPIs tab

KPIs section has its own sub navigation bar located below the page title. It allows you to switch between 7 separate tabs, each with its own metrics and values. These metrics aim to reflect the performance of your assets:

  1. PORTFOLIO: this tab includes all the essential metrics related to your portfolio, they are calculated based on your property's inputs.
  2. PROPERTIES: this section presents the core data on properties which you have imported, and also additional metrics derived from those inputs. 
  3. UNITS: key information regarding your units and important factors such as rental revel, vacancy, and lease off days are included under this tab, 
  4. LEASES: you can get the most crucial information and manage your leases better through metrics included here (e.g. number of expiring leases, future rental income projection, maturity, etc.)
  5. TENANTS: get the key numbers from this tab to understand your tenants and to discover who are your most valuable customers here. 
  6. OPEX: this section reveal the level of your operational expenses, compare them with your budget, and shows your costs level through different time period. 


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