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Assigning asset management roles to property

You are able to assign any personnel to the right management roles for multiple properties easily with Assetti Contact Linking feature. There are 2 role categories a contact can be linked to: (1) as ownership roles of a property, or (2) as property asset personnels of managing organisation for a property. This article focuses on property asset management roles and how they can be assigned in Assetti, check here for information on ownership roles.

Assign a contact as asset management personnel roles:

Management roles of an asset can only be assigned to contacts which are personnels of an organisation. Contacts which are organisation and private individual cannot be linked to these roles. Read more on distinction among these contact types here. There are 5 types of ownership roles you can specify in Assetti:

  • Portfolio manager
  • Main contact
  • Asset manager
  • Property manager
  • Superintendent


To link a contact to an asset management role:

  1. Open the factsheet of the contact you wish to link,
  2. Click on Link button on the top right corner of your contact's factsheet,
  3. In the linking view, choose a role you want to assign the contact as from Select role dropdown list,
  4. Check the boxes of properties you wish to link the contact to in table list, here you can select multiple properties at once,
  5. Click Link to property button on the upper right corner of the view to complete. Notice: this will replace any existing contact of selected role with this new contact. 
  6. To remove a contact of a selected role, check the boxes of properties you wish to remove contact from and click Unlink contacts button


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