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Add new asset class and property type

Similar to other data fields, you can change existing and add new asset class and property type to your property data fields by updating your environment's Settings in Assetti. For more detailed instructions with images, see our general article about Settings.

Remember that changing settings affects your whole environment, so changes should be made with caution. 

How to edit existing data fields or add new ones

To edit existing or add new asset class/property type:

  1. Open your User menu by clicking on your username in the top right corner,
  2. Choose Settings from the drop down menu,
  3. In the Settings view, select Property from the left-side menu,
  4. Under Property, select Asset class/Property type
  5. In the table for Asset class/Property type:
    • To add a new asset class/property type: click the Add button in the bottom left hand of the screen. An empty row will be added where you can input your new value. You can add a new value in eight languages that Assetti offers: English, German, Dutch, French, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.
    • To edit an existing asset class/property type: click on the value you wish to edit and enter the new value.
    • To hide an old asset class/property type: if you have contract types that are no longer applicable for new leases; you can hide a value by clicking on its data row, and check the box under the Hide column. 

     6. Click Save to complete.

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